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Lead Staff

Michael Weeks
Owner and Chef

Emily Harding Hill



Callen's Restaurant

       Like many of our guests, we discovered this place while taking a holiday on Whidbey Island and fell in love with the amazing views of Admiralty Inlet and Crockett Lake - a bird sanctuary.  Located along the Whidbey Scenic Isle Way in Ebey's National Historic Reserve.  

      Callen's Restaurant offers Whidbey Island inspired, real food from an all scratch kitchen. Chef and Owner Michael Weeks has an extensive culinary career spanning over three decades and has operated several restaurants in the Seattle area. 

      Callen's has been a food service venue since the 1950's and may be the oldest restaurant building on Whidbey Island.  It was originally known as the Ripp Tide and owned by Hal and Nancy Allmer back when the spot was referred to as Keystone Landing. Rumor has it that the building was first located across the street and was then rolled on logs, worm wood and all, to make way for the ferry dock.   We purchased the land from Ray and Christy Kellison who operated their business as the Keystone Cafe, which was loved by the local community for over 10 years.